What is fox-challenge?

To combine extreme parts of our world with professional media campaigns is the aspiration of the fox challenges. We produce outstanding dynamic photo and movie footage with an interesting storytelling for industry companies and brands, their communication, marketing commercials, social networking and broadcast entertainment.

With this professional teamwork we do, it is possible to reach great aims to get a win-win situation for every part during the journeys. Every project needs more or less time for planning, organise and logistics. Also the pre- and postproduction for the media footage is getting a professional and well conceived concept to get the best for our clients but be saved and prepared in every situation. Every project is getting our full heart’s blood because it is a part of us and our ideas.

Join us and send us your thoughts for your marketing plans and get the best of us.


The fox-challenge projects are around the world and finding the current needs for travelling, business and adventure. They are often made for people like you and me. Authentic, contemporary and giving you new ideas to make your world a better place.


What you get

Days out there in the nature is a big dream of lots of people. with the fox-challenge expeditions you will get in touch with exotic places, learn more about the areas, about cultures, climate and animals. But the most important, you are a part of the challenge. you see every step and every day live with  news, reels and photos.

Northwest Passage

During one season the two extreme athletes Mike Fuchs and his team will cope with a small inflatable catamaran the famous Northwest passage in the Arctic Ocean. The means of transport, to travel the great distance of the passage, is a collapsible travel catamaran of about 5 meters long. With its close proximity to the North Pole, the passage was decades as impassable, and left many expedition fail. Due to the increasing temperatures was 2008, the first "ice-free" reported.

A trip catamaran is a very small, collapsible boat, which consists of a flexible hull and a demountable sailing rig substantially. The challenge is to insist with this small catamaran that fits decomposed in the trunk of a car against wind and weather, especially against the constant damp and cold. Designed for recreational sailing, the boat is to be compared in any way with a seagoing yacht; for it offers very little space and no protection against the water overtaking waves.

This expedition will be created spectacular images that capture not only the athletes, but also the breathtaking forces of the Arctic Ocean.

- the athletes move completely autonomously

- without escort boat

- all food and water is carried along in the boat

- navigation with compass, GPS and maps

- duration approximately 30-40 days.


The Northwest Passage symbolizes like no other region to attempt both economically and environmentally to tap an area and shorten the transport from Asia to North America and Europe enormously. but also the necessary slowness and prudence to commit the connection with current technology and an expedition is not only to public needs but also includes a way to keep the sensitive nature of the Arctic in the balance, even if it be an essential part of globalization in the future becomes.

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