past expeditions

Polar Circle Expedition

Three men, three beard. The long way above the polar circle from Sweden to Norway on a 14 days challenge. 

Mission Icefox

the dive into the Arctics was a big game change for me but also for the partners who supported the expedition on Svalbard, a small island next to the Northpole.

Pik Lenina- Pamir Mountains

A small international team from Austria, USA, Israel and Germany made  this 7100 meter altitude mountain in 2014. What a great experience.


The dream of the first winter ascent of Denali. What began as a story of mountainlove and profession ends up in a sad certainty.

Ojos del Salado by E Bike

2017 was the year of the bike. what else to do than cycling up the highest vulcano in the world with an E Bike. 

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