Wow, thank you so much. 

Now, it is time to give something back! 

What can I do for you? Do you have special questions?  Do you want more background story about the expedition?

Some are asking me often: "Mike, why do you want to go to the cold? Isn't it better to do something where you have some palms and a pina colada in the evening with a beautiful sunset?" Or "how do you go to toilette out there?"  And I often answer that there is a heat in me when it is going colder and colder, it burns hotter and hotter in my soul. And for the second questions, I can tell you, there are books out there on the market how to... ? 


I am open for school projects, company inclusions or of course, a visit together in the arcitc! Lets change the world. Step by step and full of passion. 

Mike Fuchs, made with love in 1979 and now a daddy of three small explorers with a lot of questions and tasks. My professsion to capture authentic stories is deep inside me and gives me the chance to wait for the perfect moment. Join me on instagram and facebook to see more about the live I am living. 

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