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If you need more informations about the project, lets get in touch! Feel free to write an email or give me a call. So I would love to tell you more about the project.  Backround: Since my first touch with the Arctic in 2008 I am in love with the landscape, the oportunities and of course the animals living there. Most of the year it is quite white and really cold. During the Denali Expedition 2014, we had to traverse the Tundra, or Alaska Range it is called up there. A week with a lot of questions. Is it typical that this Range has not so much snow? All the pictures in books and of course in the TV dokumantations shown me a white planet with meters of snow masses. What we found in 2014 was only 30 to 60 cm of snow for the whole area. Also the park rangers told us that this year wasn't much snow, again. So for me it is time to give a big impact to the world to let them now that there is 20% of the world is changing rapitly. Not only that millions of animals and birds have to look for a better place, also we as humans have to watch out what we can do to minimize the changing. That is the fox-challenge project. To inform the shipyards and and also the public what will be the best for the arctic. It is for sure that I can not stop the trading companies to use the shorter way of the Northwest Passage, but I can initiate a programm that there will be only one way through the hunderts of islands and possible ways to cross the Passage. That's my aim.

Mike Fuchs, made with love in 1979 and now a daddy of three small explorers with a lot of questions and tasks. My professsion to capture authentic stories is deep inside me and gives me the chance to wait for the perfect moment. Join me on instagram and facebook to see more about the live I am living. 

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